The World of Penelope's of Greece

Akolouthiste to taxidi mas.

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Beautifully crafted crosses for every occasion.

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Collections designed to inspire.

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Exceptional Craftsmanship and Luxury.

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About our collections

The inspiration for our collections comes from over 30 years of traveling through Greece and savoring the rich culture and traditions of this magical place. We have personally selected pieces that reflect the heritage of the country and its contemporary aspirations and traditions of unsurpassed craftsmanship. Our travels have also led us to innovative and contemporary designers from other parts of the globe that share our vision.

As you browse through our Collections, remember that we believe that all our pieces should be worn and enjoyed everyday, with both casual or formal attire.


Our Dovris Gold collection includes an extensive range of  intricately designed pieces made in a tradition that dates back over 6000 years to the Phoenician Era. 

Each piece can be handcrafted with your choice of stones, backgrounds and metals, giving you the opportunity to design a piece that is truly unique to you.

Religious Icons

Our collection includes an extensive range of beautifully crafted
religious icons, Bible cases, medals, pins and so much more.
Gifts to treasure for every occasion.
Handcrafted in Greece and Italy and available now.

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